Just a ride…

Bill Hicks. Source: http://scomedy.com/Bill Hicks. Source: http://scomedy.com/
Bill Hicks. Source: http://scomedy.com/

A couple weeks ago I took over as stay-at-home parent for our beautiful daughter. She’s a great kid but like with all children, times can get tough. Well I stumbled across this piece from one of Bill Hicks’ live shows, Revelations. It sure helps put things in perspective.

Soundcheck on RDU 98.5 FM

Soundcheck Radio logoThis Sunday I had the pleasure of filling in for Woody aka DJ MUDD on Soundcheck Radio, RDU 98.5 FM while he was away in The States. Thanks man. I hope my tunes were to your liking.


Artist | Song | Release

  • Boards of Canada – Gemini – Tomorrow’s Harvest
  • Max Cooper – Im Garten Von Eben
  • Siriusmo – Itchy / Cornerboy
  • !!! – Careful – Thri!!!er
  • Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur – Tapes & Money – Trouble
  • James Pants – Dreamboat – James Pants
  • Chromatics – Cherry – After Dark 2
  • Grimes – Vanessa – Darkbloom
  • LCD Soundsystem – Home – This Is Happening
  • Tame Impala – Endors Toi – Lonerism
  • Dead River – Deep Love – Dead River EP
  • Dandy Warhols – Let the Heavy Rain Flow – Best Ever Mixtape: Portland, OR

Dr Hitchcock – Jolla Funk (Demo)

Soundtracker Pro 2 glitching out on me ;D
Soundtracker Pro 2 glitching out on me ;D

So I finally got around to having a bash with Soundtracker Pro 2 on my new/old Amiga 500. It’s such an logical tool with a great work flow.  I can’t wait ot do more with it. I’ve worked on my first 2 bar demo and I like it. While capturing the audio I accidentally bumped the machine and it glitched out, as you’ll hear in the below audio.

Enjoy 😀

Soundtracker Pro on my new/old Amiga 500

An Amiga magazine cover disc featuring Soundtracker Pro II sitting on top of an original Amiga 500 computer

For the past few years I’ve been trying to relive my childhood computing days. So you can understand my excitement when an Amiga 500 came up for sale on TradeMe. 6 months later after trying to this vintage PC working with a modern screen I’m finally there. One thing I never got to do when I was younger was make tunes on this rugged machine. After some hunting around on the web I found a lovely chap selling old Amiga magazine cover discs and I was lucky enough to get the one you see in this image. Thrilled! I’ll keep you posted on any rad tunes I make. I’m thinking, house ;D

Many thanks for Rob at Gecko Computing and TheAtticman for helping me relive my childhood.

The sight and sounds of Victoria Park in Christchurch early on a Summers morning.

Victoria Park, Christchurch. 8:20am. Tuesday, 3rd February 2015.

I’ve been wanting to do more sound recordings of Christchurch in the mornings when I meditate. This morning I was hoping to get the juxtaposition between the sound of the insects and the the demolition in the background but the microphone on my phone seems to be quite directional. There’s always tomorrow.

Mementos of Groningen

Hot plate mats from Groningen

Early last year Claire and  I visited our good friend Wout in Groningen, the Netherlands. We all lived in a shared house in Melbourne together a few years ago and always wanted to visit him when we finally made our way to Europe. Claire bought this cute pair of hot dish plate mats from Groningen and now that live proudly in our kitchen.

We miss you Wout! And if you’re into photography check out his work. He’s a super talented cat.

My submission to the Countering Terrorist Fighters Legislation Bill in New Zealand government

houseofrepresentativesTo whom it may concern,

I would like to voice my complete opposition to the passing of this bill. I don’t agree with it’s passing under urgency. I feel it lacks respect for the people of New Zealand in that we have only been given one day to make a submission.  To me the infringements on my humans rights that this bill allows are unjustified and lacks sufficient evidence. The government departments that will be granted these new powers have sufficient tools at their disposal.

Yours sincerely,
Benet Hitchcock.